Our Business Activities

Our Land Blocks

Pirihima Whānau Trust is responsible for administering Papamoa A14, 86.34 hectares of property which is effectively held in 3 lots of 15 hectares, 6.8 hectares (Welcome Bay Road Properties) and 64.3 hectares (Waitao Road).

Pirihima Whenua
Pirihima Orchard

Our Kiwifruit & Avocado Orchards

The Pirihima Whānau Trust kiwifruit orchard is located on Welcome Bay Road, Tauranga. Well developed, the orchard consists of 3.7 hectares of mature Hayward (green) variety vines and 0.82 hectare of grafted Gold 3 vines.

Further down the road (Kairua Road), lies another land block with approximately 1.0 hectare of young avocado trees.

With a long history as a post harvest provider, Seeka Limited manages both kiwifruit and avocado on behalf of the Trust.


Kopukairoa Forest is located in Welcome Bay, occupying an area of 64.3 hectares.

Approximately 40 hectares are stocked with Radiata Pine which vary in age from 18 – 22 years. Recently assessed as being in good health and condition, the forest is due for harvest in around five years.

Pirihima Forest
Pirihima Papakainga

Te Ohaaki a Miriama Papakainga

6 existing units on Welcome Bay Road next to Tahuwhakatiki Marae, provide rental income for the Trust.