Our Trust

Our Vision:

Realising the potential of the whenua for the wellbeing of the Pirihima whānau.

The Pirihima Whānau Trust is focused on supporting its shareholders to optimize asset use for the benefit of Pirihima whānau. Our vision and strategy is long term, acknowledging the Trust’s obligations to future generations of whānau.

Throughout this website, the trust invites you to learn more about the Trust’s activities, future aspirations and shareholder news.

Pirihima Romai

Our Values and Guiding Principles:

Guardianship of the whenua for the spiritual and general wellbeing of future generations

Positive relationships with all people through transparency, respect and accountability

Mana Motuhake
Sustainable self determination

Tino Rangatiratanga
Providing responsible leadership

Supporting and uplifting those we come into contact with

Connection of whānau to their land and their people

Our Trustees

Pirihima Whānau Trust is represented by five elected trustees who are directly responsible for the governance and management of the Trust operations.

Marita Ranclaud


Growing up in Rotorua (where I still live), my association with Tauranga Moana is based on very fond memories of holidays spent with my koroua Riini Paraire, kuia Taniko (nee Tapsell), Aunty Wawi Paraire and a ton of cousins!

Intrinsic to who my koroua and kuia were, was their involvement with Tahuwhakatiki Marae and Pirihima Whānau Trust.  I am very pleased to be able to make a contribution to Pirihima Whānau Trust in a way that maintains Paraire whānau connectivity to marae and whenua.

The foundation trustees of Pirihima Whānau Trust had the foresight to plant kiwifruit and forestry as part of a long-term strategy that I believe was about using the whenua for the benefit of whānau.  While times have changed, those aspirations remain.

I have experience working with several small Trusts now and am a current Board Member of the Māori Kiwifruit Growers Incorporation.

I bring an approach that is cognisant of the past but firmly looks forward with energy and optimism.

Titihuia Pakeho


My Iwi, Hapū and Whānau are an integral part of my life which enhances my involvement as an active member of my marae as kaikaranga. My spirituality is important to me which has lead me into the role of Awhina in the Ratana church. All of these things inform my nursing philosophy in delivering holistic care to my patients. I am married to Luke Pakeho and together we have five children, a whāngai son and 10 grandchildren.

I believe in the development of Māori issues, and Māori workforce in particular Māori nursing workforce development to use my knowledge of national and international health issues to support future planning of a health system that will provide better outcomes for our Māori people to live longer and aspire to be well.

Ngākohu Papuni


Emerina Adams


Kia ora tatou katoa
Ko Emerina Adams toku ingoa
Ko Tongariro te maunga
Ko Taupo te awa
Ko Hepi te Heu Heu te tangata
Ko Maroanui a Tia te marae
Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa te iwi
Tena koutou Tena koutou Tena koutou katoa

I am the Executive for our Whanau Trust
Chairperson of a Charitable Trust
Trustee to 4 Maori Trusts – land, river, maunga and marae.
I endeavor to commit to be part of the trust and the owners

Keepa Smallman


Torona kei waho!
Te Rangi kai runga te Papa kai raro Kōpūkairoa te Maungatawa e tu nei
I ahaha!
Ko Tūranga Waitao Ngāti Pūkenga Niho Tete Kai Tangata
Ko Tūranga Waitao Ngā Pōtiki Tamaururoa Tamapinaki e
Ko Tamapahore te Tūpuna
Kai ngārahu he Atua he Tangata he Tupua he Tangata Ho!
Papaki titaha!
Whakarongo mai te Iwi nei No Pukehinahina Ho!
No Te Ranga Ho! Te hinganga rau mā whitu o te Kura
I ahaha!
Mā wai ra e tinei Ngā Pāpaka o Rangataua ki Waitao
Ngā Pōtiki Ngāti Pūkenga Hamuti Wera no hea no hea no hea hou!
Ko Keepa Smallman toku ingoa.

Our Orchard Managers

Richard Allen

Seeka – Client Relationship Manager

Gary Moore

Avocado Orchard Manager

Gary Moore was born and raised in Tauranga and has an extensive resume in both Kiwifruit post harvest as well as Avocado management.

Gary worked for Seeka for 30 years. During this time Gary managed Huka Pak cools stores and ran the packing machine. Gary also oversaw Te Awanui’s orchard developments at Kairua Road. Helping to establish many of the orchards there.

For the last 19 years Gary has managed the avocado orchard operations for Seeka.

In his spare time Gary enjoys Fishing and boating as well as Rugby and developing his own avocado orchard.

Elliot Borell

Kiwifruit Orchard Manager

Ko Elliott Katene Borell ahau

Ko Paparoa taku marae

Ko Ngai Te Rangi taku iwi

Ko Mauao taku maunga

Tena Koutou

Elliot lives in Te Puna and his whakapapa links him to most of the trusts in Tauranga.

Because of his links to the whenua, Elliot has worked in the Kiwifruit industry for over 15 years. Most of this time Elliot has worked as an orchard manager with Seeka.

When not working Elliot enjoys coaching his kids sports teams as well as getting into the outdoors.